Cannabis Research and development

GrowLegally will help your firm obtain a Producer’s License for the production of medical marijuana and will ensure your application is complete and accurate upon submission to avoid costly delays. We liaise continuously with Health Canada on your behalf for your application and we represent you in audits.

GrowLegally can write all of the required SOPs that cover facility, equipment, and production processes and will help you set up a facility that is clean and controlled for sanitation and environmental conditions. We will also assist in setting up an effective and monitored security system, which is a requirement.

We will advise you on what is required to create a comprehensive inventory control system, as well as provide packaging advice based on labeling regulations. Once established, we will continue to provide on-going regulatory and assistance with quality assurance, including initial testing and ongoing testing for product integrity.

GrowLegally will work with your company from Seed to Success from Licensing to developing a strategic growth strategy!

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