Grow Vets

If you are a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces or a member of the RCMP suffering from Chronic Pain, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, or any other conditions affecting your quality of life, GrowLegally can help.

How GrowLegally can serve you

GrowLegally is proud to announce through our Compassionate Care Service the launch of our GrowVets; a Canadian Veterans’ Extended Cannabis Program that includes:

Direct billing available with our licensed cultivator partners

Direct billing available with our licensed cultivator partners

Direct billing available with our licensed cultivator partners

Direct billing available with our licensed cultivator partners


Step 1

Consult with our Veteran-focused Patient Educator to book your free in-person or virtual assessment.

Step 2

Complete your assessment with our Health Care Practitioner and register with a preferred licensed cultivar.

Step 3

Order your medical cannabis and start your cultivation plan with our Master Grower.

Step 4

Receive your Health Canada ACMPR Licence and start Growing!

Our Commitment to You!

  1. We will assist you in gathering any required supporting medical documentation and cannabis prescription fulfillment via Direct Billing to VAC.
  2. We will work with you to create a custom treatment plan and offer you continuous care from our medical team.
  3. Assistance with Veterans Affairs Canada Coverage and administration and submission of your Health Canada ACMPR application.
  4. We will assist you with accessing premium genetics for your treatment plan and provide you with the best practices to grow.


GrowLegally thanks and supports our Canadian Veterans who have served selflessly and honourably in service of our country. We also acknowledge that our Canadian veterans often suffer from a wide range of related health issues, ranging from PTSD to chronic pain from injuries and trauma sustained during their service. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all Canadian Veterans by providing them with access to medical cannabis as an alternative option to treat their various health conditions. Although VAC provides coverage, there is often a shortfall due to the limitation of that VAC coverage. To combat this shortfall, GrowLegally developed the Grow Vets Program. The goal is to provide all Canadian Veterans with the medical cannabis they need outside the limited coverage offered by VAC.

GrowLegally’s dedicated team of Designated Growers is committed to donating 1000g monthly to eligible Canadian Veterans enrolled in our Grow Vets Program.

Click here to learn more about becoming a GrowLegally Designated Grower.

Our team of health care practitioners and specialists will assist you through our streamlined process that has helped thousands of patients improve their quality of life and help build better communities through greater access to medical cannabis.

We take pride in ensuring our patients have ongoing support from GrowLegally 7 days a week. Assistance in answering any questions about dosing, prescription fulfillment, renewals, billing, and the latest growing techniques. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1.888.909.6336 or email us at



What fees can I expect for these medical programs?

a. Our “POSSESSION ONLY” Program is FREE!
Our “Possession Only” Program gets your federal authorization to use medical cannabis for 12 months. It also allows you to register with many of our preferred Health Canada-approved Licensed Producers. There is NO annual renewal fee.
b. Our “PERSONAL PRODUCTION” Programs start at $99.00.
Click here to view our complete list of Treatment Programs.

Can non Canadian Citizens obtain a medical cannabis licence registration in Canada?

According to the Cannabis Act and its Regulations, you must be at least a Permanent Canadian Resident to be eligible.

Is there a limit to how much cannabis medical practitioners can prescribe?

No, the amount of cannabis prescribed is determined by the severity of your condition, the way you medicate, and the treatment plan you choose.

Is there a guarantee that I will be approved for medical cannabis by the Health Care Practitioner?

Guaranteed or your money back!
We guarantee that you will be connected with a compassionate licenced medical practitioner to authorize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes or your money back.

Once I receive my cannabis medical authorization /prescription from a GrowLegally Health Care Practitioner, can I start growing right away?

No, but you're one step away! You must apply to Health Canada for a Production for Personal Use Certificate. This requires you to complete the Health Canada ACMPR Application, and mail the application along the prescription signed by our Health Care Practitioner to Health Canada. We can also help you fill out your application and you can submit your application or we can submit it on your behalf to Health Canada. Under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), you or the person you have designated may only begin producing cannabis after you receive a registration certificate from Health Canada.

I don’t have a family doctor, how can I obtain my medical records?

GrowLegally can help locate and obtain medical records on your behalf upon you signing a consent to release form authorizing GrowLegally to access your records. Please note: Any expenses related to or associated with obtaining a patient’s medical records are the responsibility of the patient.

I have my supporting medical records, how do I send them to you?

You may send copies of your medical records by fax 888-549-7074 or mail to our office. We are located at 4711 Yonge St, 10th Floor, North York, Ontario, M2N 6K8.

Note: We recommend that you photocopy your medical records and keep the originals.
How many plants can I grow if I obtain a license to grow?

The amount of plants you can grow is determined by the amount of grams per day you’re authorized. For example, every gram of dried cannabis the Health Care practitioner prescribes, an individual can grow 5 plants indoors or 2 plants outdoors. The plant count will be calculated by Health Canada. For your on-going reference, 1 gram/day = 5 plants indoors or 2 plants outdoor Click here for the Health Canada Plant to Gram calculator.

How long will these processes take?

For Personal Production applications:

Please note: Currently, Health Canada is taking longer to process applications due to an influx of applications and the lack of staff due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. They generally acknowledge receipt of the application within 4 weeks of its arrival and will indicate if any of the required information is missing or if they require additional information. It is the patient’s responsibility to follow up with Health Canada. Health Canada's processing time ranges between 3 to 4 months, however, there can be additional delays if Health Canada requires additional information. Applications from patients with terminal conditions will be given priority for processing. For the most accurate information on Health Canada’s processing time please contact Health Canada directly at 1-866-337-7705 or email
Who do I call after I book my appointment?

A GrowLegally Patient Educator will contact you to confirm your appointment and verify that the information you provided is correct and to gather any additional information that may be required.

I would like to speak with a consultant before I submit the application.

Contact us now to book your free consultation with our patient educator. Contact us by: Email: or Phone: 647-931-7011 or 1-888-909-6366

What happens after I submit my application to GrowLegally?

You will receive an email with detailed descriptions of our services and fees, a GrowLegally representative will contact you by phone and email to schedule an appointment.

I don’t have a diagnosis, can I still obtain my ACMPR license?

Yes, If you suffer from a medical condition that is affecting your quality of life, you qualify for Cannabis as a medical treatment.  We ask patients with no prior medical records or diagnoses to visit their family doctor or the nearest walk-in clinic, explain your symptoms, and request for conventional treatment. Once you have exhausted conventional treatment options, provide a copy of your past prescription(s)/treatments before your appointment at GrowLegally Cannabis Clinic.

What supporting medical records are accepted?
  • A history of your past prescriptions which can be obtained from your pharmacy.
  • A referral from your Health Care Practitioner, preferably your family practitioner or equivalent.
  • A letter of diagnosis or a letter explaining your illness or chronic condition from a Health Care Practitioner, family practitioner or equivalent.
  • Any previous medical records pertaining to your condition, such as CT Scans, X-Rays, MRI, and/or a symptom/ailment report.
  • Clinical notes from a previous doctor’s visit.
  • Proof of appointment with a specialist.
How can I get involved?

Join our advocacy group, volunteer, and be a part of the cannabis revolution. Email us at to submit your application to learn more about of advocacy initiatives.

How does the legalization of cannabis affect my medical cannabis license?

The legalization for recreational purpose framework and the medical framework Access Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations coexist and are both regulated under the Cannabis Act. Click here to learn about the benefits of Medical Cannabis.

What is the difference between ‘Secured Phone/Video’ and ‘In-Person’ assessment?

A secured Video is a form of Telemedicine, which is the practice of medicine and a way to provide or assist in the provision of patient care (which includes consulting with and referring patients to other health-care providers, and practising telemedicine at a distance using information and communication technologies such as telephone, email, audio and video conferencing, remote monitoring, and telerobotics. For a Secured Phone/Video assessment, we will have to prepare your file for the medical practitioner prior to your appointment. This means you will have to have submit to our office:

  • 2 forms of valid government photo identification, e.g., OHIP, Driver’s Licence
  • Complete the clinic intake form, and
  • Provide supporting medical records

Please note* For In-Person appointments, all of the aforementioned will be required on-site.

Do I need municipal zoning approval for a Personal or Designated Production Licence?

No, Personal or Designated Production Licences do not require municipal zoning permits.

Do I need my landlord’s permission for my Personal Production Licence?

Property owner consent is required depending on the scenario.

  1. NO: If you are renting the proposed production site and it is your ordinary place of residence, or If you own the proposed production site, the property owner’s consent is NOT required.
  2. YES: If you are growing at a site other than your ordinary place of residence or you do not own the proposed production site, in this scenario, the property owner’s consent is required.
I am renewing my licence,  do I need to see the medical practitioner again?

You are required to see the medical practitioner, so he/she is able to check your progress, update any medical records documentation, and authorize a new prescription. As a new cannabis authorization is needed prior to the current authorization’s expiry date, it is recommended that you start the renewal process 3 months prior to the renewal.

Why should I get a Medical Licence when Recreational Marijuana is legal?

There are many benefits for patients seeking cannabis as an alternative medicine through the ACMPR. Here are a few good reasons.

  • Safe Monitored Friendly Environments by licensed Health Care Practitioners
  • Education - Access to One on One cannabis education consultations
  • Tax Deductable - All purchases you make through the medical framework are tax-deductible as they are recognized as legitimate medical expenses.
  • Possession limits - Having a Medicinal Licence also allows you the right to carry up to 150 grams or 30 days supply, whichever is the lesser. While recreational law allows up to 30 grams regardless of the circumstances.. TO CLARIFY - If you do not have a medical authorization for Cannabis and are found to carry more than 30 grams outside of your home,, it is at the discretion of the police officer whether to fine or arrest you.
  • Affordability and Variety - Through the medicinal framework, you will be purchasing directly from the Licensed Producer offering you more variety and affordable pricing, and possible access to discounts, and promotions.

Note: For other benefits, please refer to the Medical Cannabis Benefits.

How much cannabis can I carry in my possession?

Public possession limits remain the same for authorized patients who are registered with a federally licensed seller or with Health Canada:

  • The lesser of 150 grams or a 30-day supply of dried cannabis (or the equivalent in cannabis product) in addition to the 30 grams allowed for non-medical purposes

Please Note* Those authorized to access cannabis for medical purposes

  • Their registration document issued by a federally licensed seller
  • Their registration certificate issued by Health Canada for personal or designated production
How much Cannabis can I store?

The new regulations remove personal storage limits for patients. Like any adult Canadian, they can store as much cannabis as they want at home.

Where can I buy starting material (seeds and clones)?

As per the ACMPR regulations, starting material must be purchased from a Health Canada approved cultivator and seller of cannabis. GrowLegally can connect you with the Cultivator with the best genetic tailored to your condition.

How can I get my medicine tested?

There are a number of laboratories that will test your Cannabis, GrowLegally can connect you with the right Laboratory. Here is a link to a list of laboratories approved by Health Canada

How many licences can be assigned to one property?

There can be 4 registrations for the production of cannabis at the same location. However, you are only allowed to take care of the plants that you are registered to grow. This is the case even if someone else has their plants at the same location.  Individual producers must:  know which plants and cannabis products belong to them keep their marijuana plants, dried and fresh marijuana, and cannabis products separate from other people’s cannabis

Is there a minimum age limit?

No there is not however there are strict guideline from the college of physicians and surgeons on Prescribing to patients under the age of 25As evidence strongly suggests that the risks of cannabis are greater for youth and young adults, physicians must not prescribe cannabis to patients under the age of 25 unless all other conventional therapeutic options have been attempted and have failed to alleviate the patient’s symptoms.13 Even after all other conventional therapeutic options have been exhausted, physicians must still be satisfied that the anticipated benefit of cannabis outweighs its risk of harm.  - Policies of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

How long is the licence valid for?

The ACMPR Grow Licence is valid for 12 months from the day of issuance.

When do I have to renew my licence?

We Recommend patients renew their grow licence 3 months in advance to avoid any delay or interruptions.

Is this legal?

Yes - The Access Cannabis for Medical Purposes (ACMPR) is regulated under the Cannabis Act.

Will I be able to grow over 100 plants?

Our Health Care practitioners have authorized the cultivation of over 800 plants for a single individual. The amount of plants you can grow is directly related to the daily grams you're prescribed which is directly related to the severity of your condition, the way you medicate, and the treatment plan you choose.

Can I grow outdoors?

Yes, you have the option to grow indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both. Please note that plant counts fluctuate with each option.

How do I get started?

Apply here or email us at and we’ll get you growing.

What is a medical Document ?

Medical document: The Cannabis Regulations require that patients obtain a “medical document” completed by an authorized healthcare practitioner in order to access a legal supply of cannabis for medical purposes. The medical document contains information that would normally be found on a prescription, including the patient’s name, the physician’s name and CPSO number, and the daily quantity of cannabis to be used by the patient, among other information. It is the Ontario College of Physicians position that the medical document is equivalent to a prescription. Throughout this policy, the term “prescription” should be understood to include the completion of a medical document in accordance with the Cannabis Regulations.

Do I need to install security?

Health Canada published the following Recommended safety and security measures

  • Under the ACMPR, it is your responsibility to make sure that all marijuana plants or cannabis products in your possession for medical purposes are secure, and that other people, including children, cannot access them.
  • You may wish to take measures so that other people do not know that you are growing marijuana, or producing cannabis, for your own medical purposes (e.g., ensuring plants cannot be seen from outside your yard or house; limiting marijuana smells coming from your production site).

Outdoor production

  • Under the ACMPR, if you are producing outdoors, the boundary of the land where you are authorized to produce cannot have any points in common with the boundary of the land where a school, public playground, or other public place frequented mainly by persons under 18 years of age is located.
  • You may want to consider installing a tall fence with a locking gate or an alarm system to help keep your production area secure.

Indoor production

  • If you are growing plants indoors, ensure that there is enough ventilation to remove excess moisture and humidity to stop mold from building-up on your plants or in the building.
  • If you decide to make changes to the structure of your home or your electrical system, you should seek the advice of a licensed professional to ensure that you are in compliance with municipal and provincial/territorial building codes.


  • You may want to consider installing strong locks on the doors to all areas where you produce or store cannabis and/or installing a home monitoring or alarm system.
  • You should also store your cannabis in a safe or equally protected location that you can secure with a lock (e.g., cabinet, closet, or trunk).

If you have children, or have children who visit your home regularly, you may also want to ensure that cannabis and cannabis products are stored in childproof containers to avoid accidental ingestion.

What pesticides are permitted by Health Canada ?

Producing cannabis can pose certain risks to your health and safety. Please consider the following:

  • If you plan to use chemical products, such as pesticides, ensure that these products are safe for use on a plant that you plan to eat or vaporize. You may wish to consult Health Canada's Homeowner Guidelines for Using Pesticides for more information about using pesticides safely.
Can I sell my excess Cannabis?

No, the sale of the cannabis you grow for personal use is not permitted. If you want to produce cannabis for sale you must do so by obtaining a Standard or Micro Cultivation or Designated Person Licence from Health Canada.

Can I apply for a grow licence if I have a criminal record?

Yes, if within the past 10 years:The applicant has not been convicted, as an adult, of a sale, distribution or export offence that was committed while authorized to produce cannabis under Division 2, Part 14 of the Cannabis Regulations.The applicant has not been convicted, as an adult, of a designated cannabis offence that was committed while authorized to produce cannabis under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, other than under the former Marihuana Medical Access Regulations.The applicant has not been convicted, as an adult, of a designated marihuana offence that was committed while authorized to produce cannabis under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, other than under the former Access to Medical Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations or by virtue of an injunction order issued by a court.The applicant has not been convicted of an offence committed outside Canada that, if committed in Canada, would have constituted such an offence as described in the 3 bullets above.

As a designated Grower, Is there a limit to how many patients I can grow for?

Yes, according to Health Canada an individual  person can be assigned to grow for a maximum of 2 patients.

Can I operate as a designated grower from my residence?

Yes, a designated grower can operate from their residential address the same way they would for a Personal Production Licence.

What is the difference between the designated grower program and a commercial cultivation licence?

GrowLegally’s designated grower program is designed to allow growers to validate their processes as part of a compassionate care initiative. As a designated grower, you are only permitted to grow on behalf of the specified patient who in most cases, will compensate you for your time and growing costs. A commercial cultivation licence permits the licence holder to sell their product to any other commercial licence holder (e.g. the government, other licenced producers).Additional links and Resources  -Accessing cannabis for medical purposes:


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