The objective of a Nursery Licence under the Cannabis Act, 2018, and Cannabis Regulations, 2018, is to authorize the use of propagation materials such as seedlings, seeds, and clones for growing cannabis and related activities.

Health Canada’s Cannabis Act, 2018, adapts existing regulatory compliance utilized in the medical cannabis industry to help legalize cannabis in Canada while establishing a new industry to compete with the current illicit marihuana market. The Act aims to create a very diverse yet highly competitive legal industry consisting of various activities, from the growth and production of cannabis to the sale of cannabis to the general public. Individuals and organizations of all sizes consist of this new industry and will need to work together to ensure Canada’s legalized cannabis industry’s success.

The Act and its Regulations further define the processes and procedures for obtaining a Nursery Licence. This Licence Class intends to create a legal entity for starting materials to support the cannabis industry and develop high-quality varieties of cannabis.

To distinguish a Nursery Licence from other Cultivation Class Licences, Health Canada has placed certain limitations on the facility’s size, having a total surface area for cultivation not exceeding 50m2, including vertical grow areas. Possession limits also exist with a Nursery. Licenced Holders for Nursery are not allowed to possess more than 5kg of harvested flowering heads.

Under the Act, Licenced Holders for Nursery are allowed to cultivate and clone any cannabis variety, including industrial hemp. Furthermore, a Licenced Holder is permitted to produce seedlings and seeds.

Licenced Nurseries are permitted to sell seeds and live plants, but only to intra-industry operations, such as:

Holders of Research
Licenced Processors
Licenced Cultivators

Prohibitions for Nursery Licences include the sale to the general public or authorized retailers and the production or harvest of other plant materials of other cannabis classes. Applicants can apply for multiple Licence Classes and Subclasses when they want to engage in various allowable activities.

Applicants can submit a single application, whether they want to engage in a single activity or multiple activities requiring multiple permits or licences. All licences and permits would be issued and regulated by Health Canada.

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