GrowLegally can help you determine the type of licence for your business and prepare the application(s) in compliance with the Cannabis Act and its Regulations. The Cannabis Act and its Regulations provide, among other things, the framework for legal access to cannabis and to control and regulate its production, distribution, and sale.

Join GrowLegally's global cannabis, inter-industry ecosystem of Growers, Processors, Researchers, and Retailers.

Sell tested, labelled and packaged cannabis products over the counter or by phone or online with secure home delivery The licensing process varies by province

Industrial Hemp

Growers of industrial hemp Cultivate approved varieties of industrial hemp (containing 0.3% THC or less). Wholesale (Inter-industry) Export / Import


Large and micro-scale growers of cannabis Cultivate any variety of cannabis Produce cannabis seeds, clones, plants, fresh and dried cannabis Wholesale Export / Import


Large and micro-scale production of cannabis products Class of cannabis: Extracts, Edibles, and Topicals Packaging and labelling products for sale to the public Wholesale (Inter-industry) Export / Import


Cultivate any variety of cannabis Produce seeds and seedlings Produce clones Sales (Inter-industry)

research and development

Research activities can include, but are not limited to, studies, clinical trials, plant genetics, cannabis product development.

online sales

Sell tested, labelled and packaged cannabis products by phone or online with secure home delivery

GrowLegally Commercial Services


Quality Assurance

GrowLegally provides a variety of services that covers everything from A to Z for a successful Cannabis Application. We provide critical insight to assist you in completing all regulatory requirements as you navigate each stage in the application process. We prioritize your vision with the highest level of integrity, knowledge, and expertise.

Security Services

Physical and organizational security are pivotal components in any Cannabis application. Growlegally provides exceptional attention to your application and facility, as cohesiveness and accuracy are essential for a smooth and successful application review process. We will work with you to adopt an integrative and efficient security system.

Reporting and Record Keeping

Reporting and Record Keeping are highly regulated practices of all Cannabis applications and operations. GrowLegally’s team of experts have developed Good Reporting Practices that uphold compliance and integrity with the governing regulations. With our guidance and Good Production Practices Report, you will have all the tools to navigate your pre-audits and inspections.

Cannabias Tracking System

GrowLegally works with approved and specialized Seed-to-Sale, and Retail Software Companies to ensure a simple integration and ongoing reporting process for the user. These softwares will track all movements and stages for supplies, cannabis, cannabis products, and transactions. Our recommended software is highly integrative and is a great fit for your intended operations.

Budgeting and Financial Planning

GrowLegally creates customized budgets and forecasts to help you plan for each stage of the application process, as well as for your post-approval operations. We create financial plans based on real life projects and scenarios, while keeping in mind that each project has its own unique goals and timelines.


Regulatory & Compliance Oversight

The upkeep of compliance while your business is operating can be a heavy burden to bear. GrowLegally’s team of professionals are here to advise your Responsible Person, Head of Security, Master Grower, and Quality Assurance Person to ensure responsible compliance within your facility. We will equip you for any audit, inspection, and notice.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an umbrella of Good Practices needed to demonstrate that your product fits its intended purpose. GrowLegally can supply everything from SOPs to training to your Quality Control needs.

Client Acquisition

Licenced Holders need a market to sell their cannabis products. GrowLegally’s clinics supply access to medicinal cannabis for over 10,000 dedicated patients. We can supply your operations with a sustainable and expanding patient base.


GrowLegally has a vast network of licenced holders and retail stores. We can regularly offtake your cannabis and distribute it so that your products are sold. This is a great way to ensure that there is a sustainable demand for your products.


GrowLegally can utilize both traditional and digital marketing to accentuate your business. Additionally, we have built strong connections with many leaders within the industry and always look to connect our clients with like minded entrepreneurs and investors.


GrowLegally offers fully integrated and streamlined licensing and consulting services in compliance with the Cannabis Act and its Regulations.

Our Goals

GrowLegally's goal is to support Canadian businesses, like yours, to navigate through the Regulated Licensing Processes. We aim to assist your company in seeing your plans come to fruition, advocate for equal opportunities to participate in the thriving legal cannabis industry, and build a sustainably healthy Craft Market.

Our compliance and quality assurance services meet the unique standards and regulations of the growing Canadian cannabis industry which can help grow your business in this booming sector, both in domestic and international markets



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