Workshop – Cannabis Retail Licence in Ontario

Ontario’s Cannabis Retail Licence Workshop

Everything you need to know about Cannabis Retail Licensing in Ontario.

The government of Canada has legalized the sale of cannabis for the recreational consumer, creating a lucrative retail opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. The Ontario Cannabis Retail Licence Workshop offered by GrowLegally is an important first step for all businesses or individuals considering the opportunities presented by the retail of cannabis to the Ontario public.

This workshop will dispel the myths and clear up any confusion you have about obtaining an Ontario Retail License to own and operate a storefront to sell recreational cannabis. Learn about the three Licenses that you will need. Understand the definition of the term “persons interested in”. Clarification of this term and many more will be thoroughly explained.

You’ve got Questions and We’ve got Answers.
If you are asking yourself; How soon can I start my application? How long is the application process? What is the cost? Can I still apply if I have a criminal record? What else can I sell besides cannabis? Can I sell medical cannabis to patients who have their medical authorization? Attend the GrowLegally Ontario Cannabis Retail Licence Workshop and have all of your questions answered!

When and Where?
This two hour workshop takes place every Thursday, from 1pm to 3pm at the GrowLegally office and will be presented by GrowLegally’s Director of Busines Development, and various guest Cannabis lawyers and experts.


Thinking of opening a recreational Cannabis Retail Store (dispensary) in Ontario? The great news is that Ontario’s new cannabis retail legislation provides an opportunity for just that. Ontarians can now apply to own and operate a cannabis retail store any municipality that is participating in on-site cannabis retail. By mid-January you will know whether your municipality has chosen to opt in or opt out of permitting retail sites within their boundaries. The application forms for retail authorizations will soon be available.  Keep in mind that regulations may change or new guidelines may be added.

In preparation for your participation in this new and exciting industry, there are some important things to remember. Here are six of the frequently asked questions and answers to assist you in your planning:

  • Will I be investigated and will it affect my application if I have a record of illegal activity?

You may be investigated thoroughly. Any charges or convictions in the past can negatively affect your application. Your finances must be accounted for to the last penny and your financial history reviewed in great detail. (e.g., you might be asked if you have ever declared bankruptcy, have your wages garnished, ever had any government liens against you, etc.). Stores proposed in other provinces have been asked to provide security clearances including criminal records checks for all directors, officers, key employees and significant shareholders and spouses included. Ontario might ask the same.

  • Can I set up my cannabis retail outlet in any location of my choosing? Are there any limitations on certain sites?

Your location must be owned or leased and zoned for retail. Your local municipal office can provide information on the zoning of your proposed retail location. Your store must also meet the space buffer rules that are set by the province and your local municipality. The buffer rules are to ensure that retail outlets are not located in close proximity to schools, community centres etc. Space buffer rules will vary across the country, for example in Saskatchewan there is no provincial minimum. No one knows yet what Ontario will set as the minimum buffer space, Each city in Ontario may set their own buffer rules. Through the appropriate channels you might contribute by lobbying your local council representative for a buffer zone that will be mutually beneficial to the community and to your business.

  • Do I need a business plan?

A business plan is important for your own planning and implementation and for informing others about your business. YOU NEED A BUSINESS PLAN! In supporting your application you may be asked to include financial projections, financial capacity and sales and marketing information depending on the province you have chosen to establish your cannabis retail site. Your business plan should clearly identify your competitive advantage. A background and/or experience in retail and/or operating a business previously will be to your advantage.

  • Are there any limitations on where I can raise money for my store?

Your business must be incorporated. This can be done at the appropriate provincial ministry such as Consumer Affairs. You will need a significant capital investment. Initial investment will be needed to pay for the application process, licenses, architect, construction management, security plan and a host of services that you will need to get your business up and running. Capital can be raised from any number of legal sources including family members, friends and external financial investors. All investors will be investigated thoroughly so it is important to ensure that anyone associated with your store can pass the security clearance check.

  • Can I develop a brand for my store?

We all know that branding is important. Developing your store’s brand is going to make it stand out, creating an advantage in the market. You are allowed to brand and market your store as long as you sell only cannabis or other products permitted under the law. You cannot have any other products on the premises and cannot have your store in the same room as another store.

  • Can I set my own prices?

Licensed medical cannabis producers usually wholesale their product for up $6 a gram to other licensed cannabis companies. In Ontario, the government will be acting as the mandated wholesaler and will probably be marking up the price for any cannabis product sold to the retail stores. You will be able to set your own prices although the government will establish a minimum price. You will need to think about how you will stay competitive and still stay afloat. Let’s not forget that wonderful HST that your customers must pay and that you will collect to remit to the government.

GrowLegally is committed to providing the highest level of expertise to achieve your successful application. We will guide your company through all elements of the application including but not restricted to Property and Zoning, Quality Assurance, Security Requirements, Cannabis Tracking System, Reporting and Record Keeping and Business Plans.

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