Who Can Use Medical Marijuana

It has been said that marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes since 3,000 BC. It has been used because it is known to provide relief from a wide variety of health problems.Of course, marijuana use and possession is illegal, so many people have not been able to experience the relief that the medication can provide. Today, while it is not legal for everyone to have possession of marijuana, some people are given prescription cards that allow them to buy and use it legally.

There are a wide variety of conditions that may allow someone to gain access to marijuana for medicinal purposes. Cancer, arthritis, MS, AIDS, HIV, TMJ and other conditions are often severe enough that the individual suffering is able to be approved for the medicinal use of a product that is generally seen as illegal. This will require an approved application a review with a certified doctor and then if all is well a medicinal marijuana card will be provided along with the specifics about the laws associated with the use of this prescription medication.

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