What is medical marijuana misuse

Marijuana is a drug that has often been linked to violence and crime. There is no way to deny that fact since marijuana is often misused, and used as a form of drug to get “High” and relax. We all think of the Hippies and the peace sign, when we hear the word marijuana. It is a well-known fact that they were big fans, when it came down to smoking marijuana.

In certain states the sale of medical marijuana is legal. This has been a controversial subject, which has been debated about for a very long time. We cannot deny that there are certain benefits, which come about using this drug the correct way. The biggest problem we face is the fact that most of the time, this drug becomes something that we misuse. Any drug can be harmful if they are used incorrectly.

How can we go about legalizing a drug that has been given such a bad reputation? That is one question that has been on the minds of many people, for a very long time. A medical condition that allows you, to buy marijuana is not something to laugh about. In most cases only a medical condition, which is terminal will grant you such privilege.

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