What is medical marijuana in simple terms

What is medical marijuana in simple terms

Marijuana has been talked about for years. Another name for this drug is called “Weed”. The effects of this drug have been known to be different for each person. The method of using this drug is to smoke it. It looks like normal tobacco, but the smell of the drug is different. Teenagers have been known to smoke marijuana as it can be obtained rather easily. This is illegal and no one should indulge in this kind of action.

Since there are other side-effects that help people who are in pain. There has been a raising case, for medical marijuana to be legal in all the states. For cancer patients it is an anti- emetic, which helps people who are undergoing through chemotherapy suffering from nausea. It also helps people in the same way for those suffering from AIDS.

One side-effect, which is debated, is how smoking marijuana leaves you hungry. In different cases this is both a good and bad thing. For people who are suffering from eating disorder this is a good side-effect. For those that are trying to lose weight, this will turn into a bad side-effect. Depending on how it is used, it can be viewed differently.


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