What are its uses?

Do you know more than thirty million citizens of the country are affected with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments of bones? Do you have any idea what these diseases are? Well, such bone diseases cause acute pain and swelling which leads to extremely restricted body movement. Although there are many drugs that seem to provide relief in such ailments but one of the oldest and most widely used remedies is administration of medical marijuana. Yes, it’s true! Medical marijuana has been in use since early 1700’s and the reason for this is the drug has extremely strong analgesic and anti-inflammation properties. Furthermore, it enhances appetite in patients that regulates the overall auto –immune system of the body.

As per the latest research, medical marijuana provides great relief in case of acute pain in hips, bones and other connecting tissues and bones. It also reduces the stiffness of bones and tendons thereby enhancing movement of the body.

Multiple sclerosis is yet another disease that has crippled a large chunk of the citizens of the country. This disease is not only restricted to the aged but has its foot hold in the youth too. Medical marijuana provides great relief to patients suffering from this disorder.

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