Want dope on it?

Have you heard of medical Marijuana? Well, I am sure you must have an idea about it. If you do not, this blog post is just for you!!

What is medical marijuana? Medical Marijuana is basically derived from a plant known as Hemp. The drug is known by different names such as Marijuana, Mary Jane, pot etc. Although, the drug is quite popular amongst drug addicts but it is widely being used in the field of Medicine as it has great medical benefits too.

With this, it is critical to understand that Medical marijuana is being made legal in many states across the country. Although, there are quite a few people who are dead against the legislation but the drug is surely getting attention from people as it has shown remarkable results in the medical industry.

It is interesting to note that more than 14 states in the country have come forward and established it as a legal drug. Leaving aside that, more than 6 states have made the drug readily available over the counters at dispensaries. There are a few states that have not legalized the drug but award less harsher punishment if caught with the drug.

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