UN banned cannabis

For centuries marijuana is used to cure numerous diseases – it is a medicinal plant that is known since ancient times. With advancement made in technology we have come up with other options to treat such diseases but the benefits of this medicinal plant is timeless. However, in the year 1923 marijuana was banned by the Canadian government. Nearly 9 years after the law was passed, marijuana cigarettes were seized in the year 1932.

Almost 14 years after the act was passed first charge for marijuana possession was made against an individual. The United Nations passed an act in the year 1961 known as the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. It came out with a list of four controlled substances and marijuana was one among them. In order to control cultivation the treaty asked member nations to come up with government agencies. According to the treaty all the processes including preparation, production, cultivation, sale, possession, exportation, delivery, etc were classified as criminal act. Canada was a member of this treaty and it formed Health Canada as the governing body.

Many agencies want marijuana to be removed from banned drug classification due to its medicinal application. Since cannabis are particularly mentioned in the convention, it needs a majority vote to do so.

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