Think before you buy

Are you planning to buy medical Marijuana? Do you know that it may be not legal in your state? Well, if you don’t then let me tell you that medical Marijuana or medical Cannabis is not legal across all states in the country. Only a handful states have accepted the use of medical Marijuana under the legislation. Thus, it is sheer prudence to check if your home state allows the consumption of medical Marijuana or not.

Even if your state allows the consumption of medical Marijuana for medical purposes, you ought to make sure how you can buy medical Marijuana. You just cannot buy it over the counter at a chemist shop.

Here is a close look as to what the process is all about:
1. The most important step before buying medical Marijuana is seeking the advice of your doctor. If your doctor feels that administering dosage of medical Marijuana benefits you physically or mentally, you would surely be able to buy it.

2. It is quite important to not rely on word of mouth advice. You must obtain a duly signed written prescription from the doctor before buying it from a store. This is essential.