The Legality of Marijuana Around The World

Marijuana is probably one of the most controversial plants out there. Yes, it is a very useful plant especially in the field of medicine. Nevertheless, there are also other reasons why it is illegal. One of those reasons is that marijuana use can be very addictive.


There are so many countries out there where marijuana is prohibited. This means that it is illegal for any person to possess, sell, transport, and even cultivate the plant. This applies for so many countries including Albania, Algeria, Cuba, Germany, and Greece among others. The common forms of penalty are arrest, imprisonment, and payment of very huge fines.

Legal possession

There are countries where it is legal to use marijuana only for medicinal purposes. One of these countries is Canada. One who needs to use marijuana for medicinal purposes has to apply for a license. In the United States, not all its citizens could use marijuana. Only those who live in Colorado and Washington could use marijuana for medicinal and even personal purposes.


There are also those countries where people could freely use marijuana without being penalized. Marijuana could be possessed, sold, and even cultivated. One of these countries is North Korea, which is notoriously known for its very strict laws.

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