Standard Cultivation license

Standard Cultivation License

Health Canada as submitted a Proposed Cannabis Act to build upon existing regulatory requirements with the objective of the Government of Canada to bring the Act into force by July 2018.

The Act would help establish different types of authorizations and licensing to ensure cannabis products were being produced legally and were of a high quality. The Act would also create a highly competitive, diverse, and legal industry compromised of many different size operations all working together to promote Canada’s new legal marijuana system.

One part of this Act regards the processes and procedures for obtaining a Standard Cultivation License. There would be an application process, followed by a prescribed licensing procedure to ensure those that obtained this type of license had met all regulatory requirements.

Under the Act, the Ministry of Health would be the one to issue licenses, as well as have the power to restrict, deny, amend, renew, revoke, or suspend licenses. The overall goal of the Act is to create a legal cannabis industry that would essentially outcompete with the current illegal industry.

To achieve this object, regulation regarding Standard Cultivation would be included into the Act. Standard Cultivation would be for those operations that wanted to obtain a license for the large-scale growing of marijuana plants, along with harvesting of the plants for their materials. Standard Cultivation would also include any associated activities related to the growing of or harvesting of the plants.

In addition, the Act would allow individuals and organizations to obtain authorizations for permits and licensing for multiple activities at a single location. For instance, an individual could obtain the authorization, licensing and permits to cultivate cannabis, process it, and then sell it directly to the public.

Applicants will be free to choose which licensing and permits they want to apply for with the ability to apply for just one activity or multiple activities. Furthermore, for those applicants interested in multiple activities, there would still be a single application to submit.

A Standard Cultivation License would allow an individual or organization to engage in the following activities:

  • Produce Cannabis Seeds
  • Grow Cannabis Plants
  • Harvest Cannabis Plants
  • Produce Fresh and Dried Cannabis

The license would also allow for supplemental or associated activities, such as:

  • Possession
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Destruction
  • Research and Development
  • Intra-Industry Sale of Cannabis
  • Cultivation of Industrial Hemp Plants

The license would not allow an individual or organization to label, package, or sell cannabis directly to the public or directly to authorized sellers. In addition, the Ministry of Health does reserve the right to put a cap on the amount of cannabis cultivated.