Some Mild Side Effects Of Marijuana

Like any drug, medical marijuana has a few side effects, most of them mild. They’re experienced not only by patients but by recreational users alike. A point to note is that the effects may differ from person to person and the dosage but it pays to know how to deal with them.

If cannabis indica is prescribed for conditions other than insomnia and drowsiness is an unwelcome side effect then it can be countered by smoking it before heading to bed. Driving or performing tasks that require concentration should be avoided.

Like drowsiness, giddiness can be difficult to counter so it’s best to smoke marijuana before sleeping. Else, make sure that the ambience is relaxed and you don’t engage in tasks.

Patients who’re prescribed cannabis sativa can find themselves unable to fall asleep which is why it isn’t recommended for insomniacs. To prevent the side effect, avoid taking it before bedtime.

Both strains of medical marijuana cause thirst. Fresh juice and water can counter this. Carbonated drinks are unhealthy and should be avoided.

Respiratory issues
Patients with existing respiratory infections are more likely to experience problems with the respiratory system with marijuana. Using a vaporizer or consuming cannabis rather than inhaling it can help mitigate this.

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