Sale of Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Sale of Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Canada already has an established cannabis and marijuana industry which features the Sale of Cannabis for Medical Purposes. However, the Government of Canada has set a deadline of July 2018 to expand this industry beyond its current medical-use only regulations and also include the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes.

Health Canada has created the Proposed Cannabis Act that incorporates and builds upon the existing regulatory compliances of the medical cannabis industry. The expansion of the Act would allow for the industry to become more competitive and provide access to a variety of high quality products.

In order to sell cannabis for medical purposes, it will continue to be necessary to obtain the appropriate licensing and authorizations. Those with a license for the Sale of Cannabis for Medical Purposes will be authorized to sell cannabis products directly to registered clients for medical purposes, as similar to current regulations.

Sellers would need to obtain cannabis products from approved federally-licensed processors following the current system as established under the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes). Sale to registered clients would follow similar guidelines – online, via written order, or over the telephone, along with the secure delivery of the cannabis products to the clients either delivered via courier or securely through the mail.

A license for the Sale of Cannabis for Medical Purposes would also provide authorization to perform other related activities including:

  • Storage
  • Research and Development
  • Transportation
  • Possession
  • Destruction
  • Intra-Industry Sale to Other Federal License Holders

Applications of licenses will be handled and regulated by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health will be responsible for license approvals, suspensions, denials, restrictions, renewals, amendments, and denials.

Those individuals and organizations interested in selling cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes can apply for a Sale of Cannabis for Medical Purposes and a Sale of Cannabis for Non-Medical Purposes licenses using the same application. Furthermore, applicants may also use the same application to apply for other licenses for other activities, such as cultivation and processing.