Protect Yourself From Bud Thieves!

Once you have been approved as a candidate for medical marijuana and have received your license, you may decide to grow the plant yourself. However, there are many difficulties faced when you are growing medical marijuana. In fact, this may not be quite as easy as growing petunias, as marijuana requires extended periods of light and likes a constant temperature to bring out the best.

As marijuana is very particular in its growing habits, not everyone will have success in growing it. In addition to this, there are still some difficulties with the authorities accepting personal medical marijuana as a part of everyone’s life. This is because it continues to be associated with the illegal antics of drug dealers. Therefore, if for any reason your home is searched the police department may need some convincing. At the very least you will have to provide your prescription and your medical marijuana license.

In addition, if you choose to grow marijuana outside, you may fall prey to those who steal it from you if it is on clear view. Even though you may have legitimate reasons for growing medical marijuana you may find the word gets around the neighborhood quickly and the less savory characters may cause you to re-think your decision. In fact, you may have to take extra precautions to protect yourself and your plants.

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