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Medical Marijuana

  • Complete the Patient Assessment and Release Forms
  • Gathering Supporting Medical Documents
  • Coordinating & Providing Technical Support For Secure Video
    Appointments (If Applicable)
  • Schedule Your Appointment With Our Doctor
  • Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

Buying Medicine

  • Finding An Affordable Supply Of High Quality Legal Cannabis – Assist in choosing the Right LP (Supplier) based on:
  • Help determine what strain works best for the specific medical condition(s)
  • Developing A Treatment Plan

Delivery Methods

  • Vaporizing Orally Smoking Topical
  • Vaporizers Dab Rigs E-Pens
  • Extractions and Concentrates


  • Research and Development
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Cultivation-Growing Methods & sanitation programs
  • Location- Strategically choose a building that meets municipal zoning
  • Security- Build your facility to meet security requirements
  • Human Resources
  • Pest Management
  • Record Keeping
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Quality Assurance.
Doctor Appointments
up to $50 administration fees may apply
  • Book your appointment with our doctor who is compassionate
  • Get your Medical Marijuana Prescription
  • There is no fee to see our doctor.
  • Learn More
Informational Consultation
  • 30 Minute Orientation
  • Steps And Requirements To Obtain Your Medical Marijuana Authorization
  • Cannabinoids And Choosing Your Cannabis Supplier
Medical Marijuana
$0.50 - $6
Per Gram
  • Purchase Affordable High Quality Cannabis
  • We Present You With All Existing Options To Access Your Meds
  • No Limitations -  You Choose Your Cannabis Suppliers
  • Learn More 
Commercial & PPL/DPL Production License
  • Business Development & Marketing Services
  • Assign A GrowLegally Talented, Reliable And Compassionate Grower To Grow (MMAR ONLY)
  • Address Changes To Existing Personal Production Licenses (MMAR ONLY)

Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

Over the past five years GrowLegally has helped hundreds of eligible patients like yourself find compassionate doctors willing to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes.  We understand how difficult it can be to find a doctor who understands your medical needs and is willing to prescribe you the medicine that will help treat your medical condition. GrowLegally believes that it is a patient’s right to choose Natural Alternative Medicines. Our CareGivers help patients navigate the process of gathering their medical history, refer patients to doctors and assist patients in obtaining their prescriptions. We have established clinics with a network of physicians who believe in a patient’s right to choose the course of their medical treatment, and trained staff willing to help you obtain the medical treatment of your choice.

An Affordable Supply of High Quality Cannabis

Over the past 5 years GrowLegally has helped hundreds of authorized patients find a safe and reliable legal supply of high quality Medical Marijuana at affordable prices. Prices have range from as low as $00.50 to $3.90 per gram. GrowLegally works closely with major medical marijuana producers in Canada to maintain consistency in product quality and supply to its clients. All products are laboratory tested to Health Canada standards. GrowLegally is steadily building a network of Canada’s top commercial producers to bring you the best strains at affordable prices.