Nursery license

Nursery License

The objective of a Nursery License under the Proposed Cannabis Act is to authorize the production of starting materials from seedlings, seeds, and growing of cannabis, as well as related activities.

The Proposed Cannabis Act was created by Health Canada and adapts existing regulatory compliances used for the medical marijuana industry to help legalize cannabis in Canada and meet the July 2018 deadline. This deadline was set by the Government of Canada to establish this new industry to compete with the current illegal marijuana industry.

The goal of the Act is to create a very diverse, yet highly competitive legal industry consisting of a variety of activities, from the growth and production of cannabis to the sale of cannabis to the general public. Individuals and organizations of all sizes will consist of this new industry and will need to work together to ensure the success of Canada’s legalized cannabis industry.

One part of this Act defines the processes and procedures for obtaining a Nursery License. The intent of this type of license is to create a legal entity for starting materials to support the cannabis industry, as well as the development of high quality and new varieties of cannabis.

Under the Act, those with a Nursey License would be allowed to cultivate any cannabis variety, including industrial hemp, as well as clone plants. Furthermore, one would be allowed to produce seedlings and seeds.

The Act would also allow for associated and supplement activities including:

  • Possession
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Destruction

Licensed nurseries would be permitted to sell seeds and live plants, but only to intra-industry operations, such as:

  • Holders of Research Authorizations
  • Licensed Processors
  • Licensed Cultivators

However, the sale to the general public or authorized sellers is prohibited. In addition, the production or harvest of other plant materials of any other class of cannabis would be prohibited by those with a Nursery License. Yet individuals and organizations are able to apply for more than one type of license when they want to engage in multiple activities.

Applicants are able to submit a single application, whether they want to engage in a single activity or multiple activities requiring multiple permits and/or licenses. All licenses and permits would be issued and regulated by the Ministry of Health.