More information on cannabis usage in Canada

Learning about cannabis usage in Canada is very important. While the use of Marijuana is allowed in some countries such as Netherlands, it is illegal in others such as Canada. Canada comprises of a mosaic society with immigrants from different parts of the world. They have different perspective on the usage of this resin. Factors such as cultural traditions, medicinal practices, climatic differences and historical perspectives influence the use of cannabis in Canada. For instance, there is a group of people in Canada who believe that this plant is very important for introspection, sociability and relaxation. There is also a group of users who believe that cannabis is important in producing energy burst that is essential when it comes to completing different laborious tasks.

As such, knowing about cultural and environmental orientation of different people is very important in understanding the use of cannabis in Canada. It gives one important insights into the cultural uses of cannabis. It is important to note that cannabis was not used in Canada for psychoactive purposes. Psychoactive use of marijuana started in mid 20th century. Researchers emphasize that policy makers should consider cultural uses of cannabis when resolving issues related to its use in Canada.

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