Micro-processing license

Micro-Processing License

To further the development of Canada’s cannabis industry, Health Canada has created the Proposed Cannabis Act. This Act would expand the current industry beyond medical-use only and allow for the legalization of cannabis and marijuana for recreational purposes.

The Government of Canada has set a deadline of July 2018 to review and implement appropriate regulatory measures for this new industry segment. The objective the Act is to enable a high quality, diverse, and competitive market in efforts to eliminate the illegal cannabis industry.

The Act recognizes both large-scale and small-scale operations, as well as individuals, groups, and organizations of varying sizes. As such, the Act offers various licenses based upon the overall size of the operation. One such license that will be offered is a Micro-Processing License.

This license would authorize individuals and small-scale manufacturers to legally manufacture, package, and label cannabis and marijuana products destined to be sold to the general public. In addition, Micro-processors would be allowed to sell these products to other intra-industry operations.

The intent of a Micro-Processing License is to encourage the participation of small-scale manufacturers in the new legalized cannabis industry. The Act proposes the Micro-Processing License would afford the same activities as allowed under a Standard Processing License, including:

  • Selling to Other Intra-Industry Operations
  • Selling to Authorized Sellers
  • Selling to Authorized Distributors

It should be mentioned the sale of cannabis products directly to the general public does require a separate authorization.

The Act also outlines what types of cannabis products can be manufactured, such as:

  • Oral Sprays
  • Other Intermediary Products
  • Capsules
  • Other Authorized Products
  • Cannabis Resin
  • Cannabis Oil
  • Synthesizing Phytocannabinoids

In addition, those with a Micro-Processing License would be authorized for other related activities, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Possession
  • Destruction
  • Storage
  • Research and Development

The Ministry of Health will determine what the appropriate threshold will be for Micro-processors compared to standard processors. The Ministry of Health will also oversee the approval, denial, suspension, revocation, restriction, renewal, and amendments to licensing.

To obtain a Micro-Processing License, it will be necessary to complete an application. You may also apply for other types of licenses and permits, such as a Micro-Cultivation License using a single application.