Medical use of Marijuana

Medical use of Marijuana

Crohn’s disease has periods of intense activeness and periods of remission which means it is a chronic disease. The cause of the disease is still not clear with medical community. Some medical experts say it is due to over active immune system, most of the time it is initiated by outside influence. Some scientist believe our body’s immune system interacts with outside agents such as bacteria or virus, which result in damage to intestinal wall, the process in than initiated and accelerated.

According to experts, since the cause is not yet clear for Crohn’s disease, no definite cure has been found till yet. The only effective treatment available is to suppress the disease during the inflammatory response. Two important goals are accomplished by this step: intestinal tissues are able to heal and it reduces the symptoms of diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain. The process of bringing the symptoms under control is known as induced remission. To reduce reoccurrence of the disease medical therapy is used.

Despite its numerous uses, the irony is that this herm is still not able to get rid of its notorious tag. The fact that it is a natural counterpart of man-made abusive substance like heroin and cocaine, is causing all the ill-repute.


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