Medical Marijuana – Things to Know

Bring up the word marijuana and most people will think you are talking about a dangerous street drug, but the reality is that marijuana has a wide range of medicinal properties that have been used to treat many conditions for many years. However, it is illegal to buy or sell marijuana unless of course it is medical marijuana and you happen to have a license. If you do have a license you will find that it is possible to purchase marijuana legally from certain pharmacies. While it is not always possible to purchase medical marijuana all over the world, in Canada you may very well qualify for your own license provided that you meet the criteria outlined in the application form.

Of course, the government is not about to just go handing out medical marijuana licenses to anyone who says they have a headache. Instead, you will need to spend some time to find out if you even qualify for a license in the first place. If you do,then you should just visit your doctor to have him or her sign off on a paper letting everyone know that you do in fact have a condition that could be treated with medical marijuana.

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