Medical marijuana is it legal

Medical marijuana is it legal

Marijuana is a drug and there is a very big gray area, when the question to whether it is legal or not comes into the picture. Since there are many good points that marijuana brings, there are many people that believe that marijuana should be legal. However, there are just as many bad side-effects that come along with smoking marijuana.

Currently there is a list on the internet, which you can find to list out all the states in America, where you can purchase marijuana legally. This does not mean that anyone will be able to purchase marijuana. You will need to have a serious medical condition, before you are granted the right to be able to purchase marijuana legally. Conditions like cancer and AIDS are not something to wish for. They are terminal and it is only a matter of time, before the patients will pass on.

There has been a strong case that since this group of people does not have much time on their hands. Medical marijuana should be legal everywhere in the states, to help them through their suffering. This has proven to be a very touchy subject since there are more people, who are abusing marijuana instead of using it for medical purposes.


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