Medical marijuana is it good or bad

Medical marijuana is it good or bad

When we start talking about marijuana, we start thinking about how it is bad and the harmful side-effects that come along with the drug. We all know that marijuana can be found rather easily. This is not something that should not be taken lightly. Many teenagers are known to start using this drug, before moving on to more addictive substances like cocaine.

However, there are benefits that come along with the drug as well. When it comes down to patients that have terminal conditions, medical marijuana is known to have good side-effects, which help control and ease their suffering. Why there hasn’t been more research done on the drug is anyone’s guess. This might be due to the bad reputation, which marijuana has gotten over the years.

Cancer patients know that medical marijuana controls their nausea, after they have gone through chemotherapy. When it comes down to patients that are suffering from AIDS, which is a terminal condition, it has been reported that it helps them get through the days before they pass on. There are other ways to administer the drug, besides smoking it. There is a vaporizer, which heats the marijuana up so the user can inhale the vapor.


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