Medical Marijuana: Cultivation How-to

Medical Marijuana: Cultivation How-to

You may not condone the use of recreational drugs but marijuana is emerging as the miracle drug of choice for many in helping relieve painful and debilitating symptoms resulting from certain health conditions. If taken accordingly well within limits, then there is no reason to fear getting hooked. And, if you’re already reliant on medical marijuana, you might want to think about growing your own to cut costs.

• Get a prescription and get a production license.
• Choose a marijuana strain based on what the drug is supposed to do. Your doctor can help you.
• Marijuana needs at least seven hours of sunlight. The light cycles are 18/6 during the vegetation cycle and 12/12 for the flowering cycle.

• Try to go organic so that chemicals don’t pose a potential risk to health later on.
• Unfertilized or starter soil should be used to spout the seeds. It should take about two weeks at a temperature between 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

• When the seeds have spouted, transfer the plants into larger pots with fertilized soil.
• You can force flowering by restricting light to 12 hours a day.
• It’ll take about six to eight months before the plants are ready to be harvested. You can know this when the plant hairs turn red.


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