Marijuana – Illegal and Therapeutic

Ever since we know of cannabis and related chemical components there therapeutic use has always been in debate. Medical research has strongly supported the medicinal properties of these plants and has brought in front of us some rational and compelling arguments and reasons to follow this path of treatment over several others. The biggest hurdles obstructing the optimal use of medical marijuana is web of politics.

According to federal law cannabis is illegal in the United States of America. You are not allowed to posses, grow, buy or sell this plan. There are stiff penalties on all infraction of this prohibited plant. Many states have acted liberally and have legalized this substance but when the matter comes to the federal government it is still strictly against this plant. Federal agencies do not have the right to change these laws at the state level. Patients living in these states can safely consume cannabis for medicinal purpose.

Another problem is the abuse of this plant. Even though this plant is highly beneficial, still numerous people use it as addiction. Moreover, if it is not used properly by a patient he or she may also get addicted. The positive outcome depends on the determination of the end user.

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