Marijuana As An Analgesic Or Pain Reliever

Marijuana As An Analgesic Or Pain Reliever

There are many uses and applications of medical marijuana and one of these includes pain relief or analgesia. There is extensive evidence to support the fact that marijuana helps reduce pain, which in turn helps patients to reduce the dose of other medication that may cause a myriad of side effects, such as vomiting, nausea, stomach issues, drowsiness, etc. Of course, everyone is different and medical marijuana may not help everyone in every single case.

There are very few studies conducted on live humans, and the results of the few studies are mixed, and this is one of the reasons why cannabis has not been legalized for all. Even though the results may be inconclusive, it may seem odd that although it has been shown to help a significant number of participants in the survey, that governments have not commissioned more intense studies to get a clearer picture.

The inconclusive nature of these studies is one of the reasons why the government does not completely legalize cannabis for everyone. However, there are many other tablets and medicines that have been rigorously tested and introduced as safe for all patients that may cause more issues or problems than they actually help. Another reason is the fact that marijuana is addictive. However, codeine is addictive too and that is passed, as safe for use, so there might be hope after all.


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