Many uses: many benefits

There are many uses of medical marijuana. Some of the most popular ones are:

1. Medical marijuana is exceptionally good in case of gastritis. The drug is able to alleviate pain and revive lost appetite instantly. Leaving aside that, the drug is also helpful in relaxing the gastrointestinal muscles of the patient. Thus, the patient is much relieved after the drug has been administered. Smoking of medical marijuana is recommended in this case.

2. It is extremely beneficial in case of HIV and AIDS. Since, the disease gets the patient in a terribly distraught state, administering the drug is the best thing to do as it relieves the pain and distresses the patient completely. Leaving aside that, it peps up the appetite of the patient and he/she regains health drastically. Medical marijuana also helps in curbing depression in the patient.

3. The drug is recommended in case of PMS. It is a disease that causes a lot of pain and irritability in patients but things improve once the drug is administered.

Medical marijuana has a wide range of benefits and thus, is an ideal choice by many doctors across the world. However, it must be consumed on prescription only.

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