Is Marijuana Legal in Canada?

A lot of opinions have been raised regarding the legal position of marijuana in Canada. A section of Canadians argue that marijuana is legal, while others challenge its legality. Recently, the Superior along with Appellate courts in Ontario declared marijuana laws in Canada to be futile. However, this challenge has not been effective enough since no single article in the Canadian law of marijuana has been deleted. There are two major laws that seem to regulate marijuana in Canada: Criminal code and controlled drugs and substance act. It is also important to note that police and courts in Canada continue to pursue charges for marijuana possession.

Public opinion polls conducted in 2003 in some parts of Canada should that most Canadians supported the legalization of marijuana. However, most people mistake the permission of growing marijuana for medical usage with legalization. In 2012, the Forum Research conducted a poll which showed that more than 66 percent of Canadians support the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. 20 percent of those interviewed said that the two laws should remain the way they are. In 2001, Canada established a law legalizing the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes. Marijuana has been discovered to have properties that alleviate various medical conditions such as pain, anorexia and so on.