How To Obtain Medical Marijuana in Canada

How To Obtain Medical Marijuana in Canada

Health Canada allows two categories of individuals who could be eligible to qualify for the usage of medicinal marijuana. They are:

Category 1 – In this category the people who apply are those suffering from severe pain or muscle spasm from multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury or disease. Severe pain, inability to eat or suffer from severe nausea from cancer and HIV/AIDS, severe pain from arthritis, epilepsy seizures, compassionate end of life care, extreme weight loss and malnutrition

Category 2 – In this category the people who are eligible are those suffering from incapacitating symptoms from any medical condition other than those ones listed above

If eligible then apply to Canada’s “Marijuana Medical Access Regulations” (MMAR) which may provide you with a license to legally access and use medical marijuana. They deal exclusively with the medicinal use of marijuana.

You must also make sure to apply to Health Canada’s Office of Cannabis Medical Access (OCMA). A medical authority must complete and sign a medical declaration (an application form) indicating your symptoms and the dosage of marijuana being prescribed. If you are authorized to use medical marijuana, you will then be issued an identification card that must be presented to police on request.


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