How To Get Medical Marijuana

Well, the first step is to have a progressively serious illness that is debilitating, painful and stops you from experiencing a good quality of life. There may be people out there that think it is very easy to get marijuana.

However, the truth is that if you don’t meet the strict criteria then you will not be granted authorization to use or grow marijuana for medical purposes. Marijuana is not a quick fix substance; in fact, it is an addictive herb, which is why it is only prescribed to those people who cannot gain relief from their painful symptoms by other medical drugs.

You cannot get access to medical marijuana on a whim or with an illness that is likely to clear up in the next month or so. Your illness has to be serious enough and will cause prolonged impairment to life and pain on a constant basis. Such illnesses include cancer and aids and sometimes severe forms of epilepsy too. There are a lot more illnesses that are considered too.

So, if you do not suffer on a daily basis, you are unlikely to obtain marijuana legally. Illness is not a game and many people would love to avoid all the pain they are suffering, which can be achieved with the help of marijuana.

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