Famous People Who Have Benefited From Medical Marijuana

Famous People Who Have Benefited From Medical Marijuana

A lot of people are unaware of the medical benefits of cannabis. The cannabis plant, also known as marijuana, has been used by a lot of people to treat various diseases. The following are five celebrities that you might know who have used marijuana to treat their medical illnesses.

• Melissa Etheridge – This woman has popularized a lot of folk rock songs and is well-known for her raspy voice. She was the one who sang “The Angels.” In 2004, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and marijuana has helped her battle this disease.

• Montel Williams – He is popular for hosting the long-running “The Montel Williams Show.” However a lot of people do not know that he is battling multiple sclerosis, an inflammatory disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.

• Snoop Dogg – This famous rapper says that he is using marijuana for his glaucoma. Some people believe that he is only using this as an excuse to use cannabis.

• Michael J. Fox – This guy is well-known as the guy who travelled to the past in the “Back to the Future” movies. He is also the voice actor of Stuart Little. A lot of people know that Fox is battling Parkinson’s Disease and he has also been using cannabis.

• Bob Marley – This guy might be a strong supporter of marijuana use. However, a lot of people know that he also used marijuana not for recreational purposes but for medical purposes.


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