Even Novices Can Grow Marijuana!

Even Novices Can Grow Marijuana!

Growing marijuana indoors can be a tricky process if you are a complete novice but once you have learnt the ropes you will find it is a daily therapeutic system that not only gives you pain-relieving herbs at harvest time, but also engages your attention, which can help to alleviate some symptoms too.

Once you have prepped your room, including high power lighting and heating fans you are ready to start. You will need to start off the germination process in much the same way as growing any other kinds of seeds. They need to be kept in the dark to germinate, but then can be planted properly once they begin to form.

Once the germinated seed has been potted (so to speak) in unfertilized soil you will need to ensure it has around 18 hours of light a day initially. This is where your extra lighting comes into the mix. Do not have the lighting source too close to the plant otherwise it may be too strong for it and may damage it. In fact, it may also interfere with the temperature. The plant should be kept at a constant temperature to give it the best chance.

The plant can be moved to a larger pot once it starts to grow and you only need to water it when the soil is dry. It will require at least 3 hours of direct sunshine a day then, preferably more. You will need to remove male plants, as they do not produce the required drug. After around 4 months you can harvest your first marijuana plant for your use.


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