Does smoking marijuana cause impotency?

It is a fact that smoking marijuana has adverse effects on male and female fertility rates. It reduces your libido and puts you in a low mood causing you to avoid sex. Occasional users of marijuana also face the problems of reduced fertility. This concludes that if you are going to smoke this drug rarely, and not as a chain smoker or addict, you will still have to compromise on your fertility.

It causes irregular ovulation in women irrespective of the number of times she consumed marijuana. The least number of doses also harms the ability to conceive if you are trying to get pregnant. Intake of marijuana enhances the risk of miscarriage. It has dangerous effects on the womb from the inside as compared to the consumption of alcohol or other drugs. We thus infer that smoking marijuana decreases potency in women.

Regarding the potency of men, marijuana brings down the production of sperms, thereby causing a decline in the sperm count. The marijuana-affected sperm loses its capability to move towards and travels in a considerably slow motion. It also fails to penetrate the egg in order to reproduce because it runs out of energy before it reaches the egg.
Hence, inhaling marijuana smoke makes males as well as females impotent.

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