Do you know what its uses are?

As per the latest research, administration of medical marijuana drastically reduces neuropathic pain in patients. Earlier, marijuana was considered as a banned drug but due to various similar researches more and more medical practitioners are advocating the usage of medical marijuana. More and more countries are coming forward with liberal approach towards the usage of medical marijuana.

Leaving aside that the fact that the drug alleviates pain, it also enhances calorie intake in patients thereby rejuvenating their liver and digestive system. This enables patients with extremely low muscle mass to gain weight and renew the strength. This is a boon to patients who suffer from auto immune problems such as multiple sclerosis and others.

Medical marijuana is widely administered on cancer patients. Since cancer patients have to undergo long chemotherapy and radio therapy sessions; they are often left with a lot of fatigue, nausea and acute pain. Medical marijuana happens to be a perfect remedy in such a situation. Medical marijuana not only reduces the pain by manifolds but also induces sleep thereby, rejuvenating the patient. It also increases the appetite in patients and thus, has an overall positive affect on the body.