Difference Between Medical Marijuana And The Recreational Sort

From a health standpoint, medical marijuana is nothing new. But it is only recently that the herb has begun to make waves in the medical community after being deemed beneficial for treating certain health conditions. Government policies are also changing to put it on the list of medicines with the legalization of the herb for medical use.

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are two sides of the same coin. There’s no difference in how it’s grown or where it’s grown. Rather, the difference lies in what it is used for. Where medical marijuana is used to alleviate pain and treat illnesses, the recreational sort is used to get a ‘high’ and to relax.

Patients relying on marijuana are prescribed a milder form of the drug. This means a milder psychoactive experience but more potent medical uses. Those using it for recreational purposes, meanwhile, choose varieties with a higher degree of psychoactive potency.

One other difference between the two is that marijuana cultivated for medical use is purer with lower amounts of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Street or recreational marijuana may be mixed with other drugs to increase potency. It is the latter that proves to be more dangerous as the adulterated content is more likely to increase dependency.