Do You Know Why There Is A Need To Develop Standards In The Field Of Medical Marijuana?

Every patient that uses any form of drug should know how potent it is (the dosage). They also need the medicine to be pesticide free and to be free form microbiological contamination. The lack of set standards and regulation in medical marijuana has given its opponents an excuse to portray it in the negative light. They have attacked all dispensaries that offer medical marijuana and the industry as whole with unfounded claims. And since there is no set standard to go by, people believe them and what is worse is that accidents happen relating to medical marijuana due to lack of proper information and direction.

This just goes to strengthen their point. Medical marijuana advocates and health care providers should provide more information about the medicine and its use and also improve the buying and distribution procedures for medical marijuana. They should also encourage the testing of the drug to dispel the rumors and establish some faith in it. Below are a few reasons standards should be developed for medical marijuana.

Patients need high quality medicine


All the medicine patients get prescription for or buy over the counter at the chemists, have been subjected to a series of testing before being released to the public. This way, both the producers and the users have a level of confidence in them. The dosage is pre-established and is clearly given in the prescription or on the label.

However, this is not the same with medical marijuana. No one knows exactly how much is enough and this may result in acquiring new medical problems as they cure the old ones using medical marijuana. Nobody wants to trade problems for other problems. With control and enough standards, it will be a requirement to provide the right dosage with every product of medical marijuana you sell. This will make people have faith in it and reduce the number of accidents that occur due to uninformed consumption of medical marijuana.

Patients need medicine that is not contaminated by pesticides

During cultivation, depending on the practices of the person growing the medicine, pesticides and other such products are used. While these products keep the plant healthy during growth, they are dangerous to any person who ingests them. Even low doses of pesticides can be lethal and therefore extreme care should be taken to ensure the consumers of medical marijuana do not ingest them.

The worst part about them is that they are totally undetectable until the symptoms set in. with sufficient regulation and set standards, there will be restrictions and regulations guiding the use of pesticides and tests to establish that any medical marijuana that gets to the market in any form is free from pesticides. Other agricultural products already have such standards set in place for both import and export.

Canada already has a government sponsored program for all levels of medical marijuana growers where they irradiate the marijuana before it goes for distribution.

Patients need medicine with established potency

In order to establish the correct medicine for any patient’s needs, you have to know the level of cannabinoids in the marijuana. This is also helpful in choosing the correct dosage for every patient’s specific condition. This is especially important where the marijuana is ingested, for example through edibles and all the active ingredients of marijuana gets to the bloodstream. The correct dosage of medical marijuana can relieve pain and cure several illnesses but an overdose can cause serious conditions and paranoia or anxiety.

Medical marijuana needs testing to be accepted widely as medicine

Many individual and governments are still rejecting medical marijuana as medicine since they claim there have not been enough scientific testing and research to prove that it is useful as medicine. Most people express concerns about its safety and even possibility of addiction. Many of the concerns expressed by concerned parties can easily be cleared by independent testing and certification. While all these are unsubstantiated claims, there cannot be conclusive evidence and acceptance until there is enough research done to prove otherwise. Regulation would first require intense research and testing and when the results show that marijuana is safe and effective as medicine, there may be more acceptance.

Quality assurance testing for marijuana

Independent testing can lower the chances of contamination of medical marijuana during cultivation. This in turn will enhance the quality of the medical marijuana going around the dispensaries and medical centers as medicine. Using the proper lab and farm equipment, the level of toxins in medical marijuana can be reduced and controlled giving out top quality and safe marijuana. Patients can also be equipped with information about various strains of marijuana so they can know their potency and know the correct dosage to use. Since the usage of medical marijuana varies, the dosage must also vary depending on the specific needs of the patient. With the potency data, it is easy for patients to individualize their dosage.

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