Cannabis Indica: What It Can Help With

Cannabis Indica: What It Can Help With

Cannabis indica is one of two primary strains of cannabis. Medically, it has the potential to alleviate a staggering number of symptoms and treat an array of health conditions. The effects are felt as causing lethargy and sleepiness.

For anxiety and depression
Cannabis indica is prescribed for people suffering from insomnia and anxiety. Like its sativa cousin, it also acts as a pain reliever and reduces nausea. But where sativa is energizing, indica is more of a relaxant and so is best smoked or consumed during the night.

For migraines and headaches
Those at the receiving end of migraines and bad headaches can stand to benefit from using cannabis indica. Stress levels are also reduced which is relevant because too much strain is linked to migraines.

Unlike sativa which facilitates creativity, cannabis indica tends to put users into deep thought. This could be beneficial for people who have important and serious matters to ponder over as part of their jobs.

Enhances appetite and uplifts mood
Energizing doesn’t describe cannabis indica but hybrid strains even where indica is dominant can uplift moods. As an appetite enhancer, cannabis indica works almost as well as cannabis sativa. So for users who need a bit of an energizer while still reaping the benefits of indica, hybrid strains work well.


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