All about marijuana

Medical marijuana is being recognized as a legal drug by many countries across the globe. In fact, more than 13 states in the US have recognized the medicinal properties of medical marijuana and thus made its usage completely legal.

Let us understand a bit about medical marijuana. Medical marijuana comprises of more than 250 compounds out of which more than 50 or so are cannabinoids. It is surprising to learn that each cannabinoid compound has a specific and deep rooted effect on the human body. Each cannabinoid is known to provide much relief to aching muscles and ligaments of the body and thus rejuvenating the entire system.

The two most important cannabinoids are:
1. Cannabidiol: It comprises of more than 40% of all the cannabinoids present in medical marijuana. The primary function of Cannabidiol is alleviating pain and inflammation and providing relief from acute nausea and anxiety. It is also known to retard the growth of cancer cells in the body.

2. Caryophyllene: This compound is known to alleviate pain. The compound numbs the nerves and tissues thereby providing much needed relief to a patient suffering from acute pain. This compound is also found in other natural products such as clove etc.

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