Posted on April 13, 2015

7 Groups OF People Who May Not Be Eligible To Use Medical Marijuana

The medical marijuana card is a hot topic in Canada for pretty much obvious reasons. Nearly all young people want to have one. The card id after all, a free ticket to puff marijuana in small proportions when and where one needs to get high. But that is where people go wrong. The fact that the card is usually issued for medical reasons should be a compelling reason to use marijuana as prescribed.

Anything more than that can easily mean dealing with effects of marijuana overdose. It can also mean getting in trouble with the law. That explains why medical marijuana cards can’t be issued to just about anyone. Here is a list of people who may either find it hard to be issued with the card or find it completely impossible to end up with the card.

People with respiratory conditions


This is where asthma patients come into the picture. It is a normal routine and perhaps a must for doctors to conduct a background check of patients who wish to apply for the medical marijuana card. That means that tests have to be done. For patients who may have suffered respiratory conditions such as pulmonary edema or lung cancer, use of marijuana may be prohibited. It should however be noted that there is no evidence yet that marijuana can cause or worsen lung cancer.

A ‘safe’ approach is therefore used by doctors, which in many cases is discouraging the use of marijuana by lung cancer patients. Note too that doctors can prescribe use or marijuana in proportions mainly because marijuana has been proven as effective for clearing respiratory passages. It all boils down to what your doctor finds fit and safe for your condition.

Heavy duty machine operators

Marijuana can easily cause hallucinations. It doesn’t matter how much or little one smokes. Concentration simply becomes a problem for anyone who has smoked. It is solely for this reason that heavy duty machine operators are often discouraged from applying for the card. This is in a bid to avoid mishaps and accidents that can easily arise from machine operations done by operators who could be high on marijuana.


It is hard to put a finger on whether minors should or should not use medicinal marijuana. It all boils down to the condition being treated in a child. Children diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome can be allowed to use marijuana, as there is already evidence that doses of cannabis can go a long way to treat the condition. The syndrome features epileptic seizures. It is also characterized by cognitive delays and brain damage. Studies have indicated in the recent past that use of cannabis can reduce seizures caused by the syndrome by as much as 70%. It should however be noted that issuance of prescribed cannabis for children and adolescents are very rare.

Health care providers

Again, this has everything to do with concentration. Health care providers like surgeons and dentists stand out in this lot. Their jobs involve use of sharp objects which needless to say, often call for concentration. This may be hard to achieve where one is working under the influence of marijuana.

Expectant women

Smoking marijuana while pregnant even in small doses can affect the health of the unborn child. Marijuana and other drugs like tobacco and nicotine are therefore no go zones for expectant women. Research studies indicate that marijuana can easily affect growth and development of the unborn child and compromise his or her nervous system. Studies have also indicated that children who were at one point or another exposed to marijuana during pregnancy are likely to have poor problem solving abilities and focusing their attention in class.

People with an unsound mind

This one is pretty much obvious. There hasn’t been enough research done to explain how marijuana can affect people with unsound mind. The few studies c conducted have however indicated that they are better off without marijuana. Aggression stands out as the most common effect marijuana can have on people with unsound mind.


This has everything to do with conflict of law issues. There are countries where marijuana is legal. One doesn’t need a card to smoke marijuana. Unfortunately, such kind of luxury is alien in Canada. It gets worse with the fact that medical practitioners hardly issue medical marijuana cards to tourists. The only exception in this category is immigrants who can be issued with the card the same way natives can. Note too that applying for the medical marijuana card always takes time. That makes it hard for tourists entering Canada to acquire the card or compel a medial practitioner to expedite card processing.

Remember that not all people in the aforementioned groups can be denied use of prescribed marijuana merely because of what they do. Much of the restriction could be because of someone’s’ medical background. But even then, marijuana prescription may be issued with specific instructions. In other words, there could be exceptions where one is allowed to use marijuana despite his or her medial background.