7 Facts You Perhaps Do Not Know About Marijuana

7 Facts You Perhaps Do Not Know About Marijuana

You might already know that marijuana is a drug that could be used to treat medical diseases. You might also know the numerous nicknames that people call that particular herb. So are there other things that you still have not known about marijuana? The following are seven facts you might want to check out:

• Cannabis plant easily grows on any environment. That is why those addicted to the plant are tempted to have their own cannabis garden at their backyards.

• Cannabis plants were used in ancient China not only for medicine but as a food source as well.

• In 1619, the American colonists have to follow a law wherein they were required to grow cannabis.

• The largest producer of cannabis in the world is Paraguay. It is followed by Mexico.

• Canada is the first country where medical marijuana was recommended to patients. In this country, people are allowed to cultivate the plant as long as they have license.

• By 2010, there are already seventeen states in the United States where marijuana could be used for medical purposes.

• In the US, the most popular institution that provides marijuana for US government-approved research is the University of Mississippi. One to six acres of marijuana are being supplied every year.


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