10 Answers To Your Questions Related To Medical Marijuana Usage In Canada

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10 Answers To Your Questions Related To Medical Marijuana Usage In Canada

Canada is one of the few countries in the world which allow medical marijuana to be used for medical purposes. An increasing number of studies show that medical marijuana can have positive health effects for patients who suffer from pains, headaches, anxiety, and neurological diseases. If you are thinking of growing medical marijuana in Canada, you need to obtain a license and follow the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Here are several answers to your questions related to medical marijuana regulations in Canada.


What does Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations consist of?
Since 1 April 2014, Health Canada has approved a series of licensed producers from where individuals can obtain medical cannabis to be used with medical purposes. The Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations has replaced the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) and continues to monitor the usage and administration of medical cannabis among Canadian residents.

How can I become eligible to use medical marijuana under the MMPR program?
Patients in Canada who want to treat their medical conditions using medical marijuana should provide medical documentation to be confirmed by a professional health care practitioner. This documentation should be provided within a certain timeframe and the health care practitioner will decide if you are eligible to be part of the MMPR program and use medical marijuana to treat your ailments.

Is medical marijuana safe to use?
Medical marijuana is a type of drug which has been used for treatment purposes for thousands of years. When it is consumed in moderate quantities, it can provide beneficial health effects. However, you must know that dried cannabis is not for everyone and it should be used only if it is recommended by a professional health care practitioner. Additionally, during your treatment with medical marijuana, it is imperative that you perform regular checkups to ensure that you ailments are kept under control.

Are there any side effects associated with consumption of medical marijuana?
At the end of the day, marijuana is still a plant, a natural product which doesn’t have serious adverse effects on your health unless you consume it in excessive quantities. Also, it is important to use the right type of marijuana strains to successfully treat your health conditions.

Is medical cannabis expensive in Canada?
It depends from which producer/grower you purchase your medical marijuana, but in most cases, the cost of 1 gram of medical cannabis shouldn’t exceed 5 dollars. It is important to buy from reputable suppliers to make sure that you reap all the health benefits provided by this drug.

What should I do if I want to grow medical marijuana?
Growing medical marijuana is constantly monitored in Canada and it shouldn’t be done in a clandestine manner. If you want to become a producer of medical marijuana, your company should undertake a series of tests and meet certain requirements to comply with the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Also, you need to grow medical marijuana in optimal environmental conditions to ensure a high quality product.

Am I required to be a Canadian resident to purchase medical marijuana?
Yes, Health Canada closely monitors medical marijuana merchandising and you need to be a Canadian citizen to be able to buy medical cannabis or become a trustworthy marijuana grower.

Are there any regulations regarding medical marijuana growing in Canada?
There are a few rules and regulations Canadian marijuana growers should comply with. For example, Health Canada assigns a maximum of 2 patients for every marijuana grower. Similarly, you are allowed to grow only the amount of medical marijuana that has been approved by Health Canada. Failing to comply with these regulations might void your grower license.

How long does it take to be approved to use medical marijuana for my health problems?
The process of approval depends on various factors, but in most cases it will take from 25 days up to 6 weeks to receive a response from the moment your application is submitted to Health Canada. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the health care practitioner will approve your subscription to use medical marijuana for treatment purposes. Similarly, if you want to grow marijuana, your license can be approved from 8 to 10 weeks after you have submitted your documents to Health Canada and after your business has been properly assessed.

How much medical marijuana am I allowed to consume every day?
Health Canada allows every patient to consume a maximum of 5 grams of medical marijuana every day. Also, a 30-day supply is the maximum amount of medical marijuana you are allowed to have with you at any given time.
If you have more questions about the Canadian regulations related to medical marijuana then don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can provide you with top quality medical marijuana at reasonable prices and also help you become a licensed grower of medical marijuana in Canada.


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