Why’s and what’s

Why’s and what’s

Have you heard of medical marijuana? If you have then you would surely be aware about the ongoing debate whether it should be made legal or not. This debate is not only restricted to this country but across a number of countries across the globe. Some countries have recognized the medical benefits associated with the drug and thus made it legal while others haven’t. In the US, fourteen states have made the usage of drug as completely legal.

Here are a couple of questions that most of us get bogged down by when it comes to considering the usage of medical Marijuana:

1. What is it all about? Medical Marijuana is nothing but Marijuana or a byproduct of plant called Hemp. Since, it is used in the medical industry; it is known by this name.

2. What sort of medical benefits are associated with the drug? The drug is known to provide much relief to patients that have gone through chemo therapy or radiation. Further, it is also known to rejuvenate and relax patients that have history of chronic migraine, tension, stress and insomnia. Psychological disorders such as ADHD and OCD are often treated by administering the drug.


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