Why Would You Want To Start Using Marijuana?

Why Would You Want To Start Using Marijuana?

Marijuana is a very addictive drug, and under no circumstances should an individual take marijuana except if he or she has a condition that the doctor prescribes medical marijuana to aid in treating and healing. Some of the conditions that a doctor would have to prescribe this treatment method are where a patient is suffering from:

1. Acute pain

The advantage in taking medical marijuana is that it helps to relieve pain, regardless of what part of the body it is originating from. Where other pain killers cannot work, the doctor can prescribe marijuana.

2. Nausea

Nausea is a feeling that no one likes to have, since it is hard to concentrate on anything, whether work, school or any other project when one is experiencing this vomiting feeling. The right amount of marijuana is enough to help get rid of this feeling.

3. Movement disorders

If you are those people who find it hard to travel long distances in a vehicle without experiencing motion sickness, then you need to see a doctor for that, especially if movement is something you cannot avoid. Though there are medications out there that can help deal with the situation, medical marijuana will help you when other options seem not to work.


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