Why People Need To Be Careful When Dealing With Marijuana – Even For Medical Purposes

Marijuana is not a very popular plant, especially in countries that have not yet legalized it even for medical purposes. The reason for people and medical experts shunning this herb is because many people abuse it, and it becomes a harmful substance, especially when people use it for recreation. In some countries, marijuana is legal only if it is used for medical purposes, and not just anyone can gain access to it, because there are people with the intention of simply getting high, and they would do anything just to get their hands on the herb.

I. The reason why marijuana is not free for all is that it has serious side effects that people would not want to live with. The chemical in the plant interferes with how an individual’s brain functions, meaning that it can mess around with how users think, their body movements and coordination, their perception of time, and their memory.

II. In some cases, the marijuana can suppress how effective an individual’s immune system can be, leaving a body to be easy prey for diseases, in addition to affecting an individual’s balance, judgment and attention.

The above side effects are common to people who decide to take in marijuana without the prescription of a doctor, leading to an overdose or even addictions.