Why is medical marijuana so expensive?

Why is medical marijuana so expensive?

In the first place, The Department of Health regulates Medical Marijuana on a large scale. You should be permitted medically in order to purchase medical marijuana. For this, you need to buy a yearly renewable ID card that is issued in California for a price of $100 just for the card. Currently, medical marijuana is not present in many insurance companies’ standard record of medicines.

An ounce of this drug can cost about $350, which you can consume within a week’s time depending upon the requirement of the treatment. With the help of this calculation, you can conclude that it costs approximately over $1200 for a month. This price depicts the legally available medical marijuana.

On the other hand, street marijuana costs less and the price keeps on fluctuating depending upon its quantity, quality, and place. It is half the rate of medical marijuana but does not possess good quality and is contaminated. It can cause a person to get ill, poisoned, or even die.

Hence, we can infer that medical marijuana is more expensive in comparison to other drugs as it is not legal in all the places and the quality matters.


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