Who Are The Celebrities Who Smoke Pot?

Who Are The Celebrities Who Smoke Pot?

People from all walks of life have been known to smoke pot. Look around you. Most people you know have probably smoked pot before. Even a lot of celebrities consider themselves as potheads.


Musicians are probably the top celebrities who smoke weed. This might be because of the relation of marijuana effects in music-making. A lot of musicians find it necessary to smoke weed before performing or writing songs. Here are celebrities who consider themselves as potheads:

• Snoop Dogg
• Lil Wayne
• Bob Marley
• Kurt Cobain
• Paul McCartney
• Bob Dylan
• Eminem


You probably look at politicians as if they have never touched weed in their life. In fact, there are so many politicians these days who are against the legalization of weed. But it is funny to find out there are so many of them who have smoked weed when they were young. Most of them are presidents:

• George W. Bush
• Barrack Obama
• John Kerry
• John F. Kennedy
• Arnold Schwarzenegger


There are also a lot of actors who smoke weed. In fact, most of them have been rehabilitated not just because of weed addiction but also with other drugs.

• Charlie Sheen
• Burt Reynolds
• Chris Rock
• Jack Nichlson
• Harrison Ford


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