What Is The Story Behind Medical Marijuana?

What Is The Story Behind Medical Marijuana?

The use of marijuana is not new, since there is evidence of people in the earliest civilizations using it for medical purposes. When the early human beings were discovering that plants can be used apart from nutrition, marijuana was one of those plants, and its first documented use is close to 5000 years ago.

With the improvement of technology and enlightenment of the human race, the medical professionals of the time used marijuana to come up with cough syrups, painkillers, and digestive aids, making it one of the most popular plant extract with the most medical benefits.

During the 1930’s, medical bodies quickly disqualified marijuana from their lists of medical plants, meaning that the medicines had to be made from different plants or extracts, and that the governments would have to penalize anyone caught growing, taking, or even distributing this herb.

These days, marijuana is slowly creeping back to the legal and medical circles, because despite its serious disadvantages, if it is taken in moderation, under the guidance of a qualified medical doctor, then it can be exploited for its advantages. Today, it is possible to acquire a medical marijuana license, a document that will enable an individual to use marijuana, though the license cannot be offered without a doctor’s consent.


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