What is medical marijuana used for

What is medical marijuana used for

We all know that marijuana is something that is very debatable. The uses of this drug have been known to cause both good and bad side-effects. Since there are equal merits to using marijuana as a controlled drug, the case to make it legal to be sold has been raising for the last few years. Currently, there are only a few states that allow marijuana to be sold legally.

Marijuana contains a chemical that is known as tetrahydrocannabinol. The other name is THC, this chemical works as a pain reliever and helps prevent nausea. The chemical has psychoactive effects; it works by affecting parts of the brain, which controls pain sensation, sleep and even your memory. Another side-effect, which depending on different cases can be view as both good and bad, is that after you smoke marijuana is that it leaves you hungry.

Depending on the situation this can be view differently. People, who are suffering from eating disorder, will find that they will improve faster by using medical marijuana. On the other hand, those that are suffering for over eating will find that this will worsen the problem they are facing if they use marijuana. Any drug can work either way depending on how people use them.


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